Announcing a New Valkyrie: Imriaylde


I’m really stoked to announce the addition of a new Valkyrie, my good friend Imriaylde! She and I met while playing World of Warcraft, back around 2006, I think, and she and I often complain about the same stuff in gaming. Really excited to have her aboard!

Imriaylde had this to say:

As a fellow geek and great admirer of all of Morgan’s work, I’m delighted to have the opportunity to help out with TeamValkyrieFTW. Too often nowadays, those of us in scientific fields or who simply enjoy the geekier side of life are supposed to just ignore the discrimination we encounter in our chosen fields, because it just “comes with the territory.” That was SO fifty years ago, and it’s really heartening to see sites like TeamValkyrieFTW popping up and giving a voice to those who are often ignored. I’m so excited to be here!

Guess this means I’ll have to create an authors page, since there’s more than one of us now.

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