Back from the Holidays with a New Face

So I bagged the domain (I tried it without the FTW stuff and many permutations and extensions but it looks like all that shit be camped yo). Got me a snazzy little blog setup, tied it to my tumblr and changed the name on the twitter feed to match, and now here we are. Ready for a fresh year of calling out bullshit and ending the day on kittens.

This doesn’t mean much difference for anyone but me, I think. This should still update the tumblr, so if you’re following me there, no changes. Same with the twitter thing. I just now have a domain web portal thing that I can point to. Someday I’ll create a custom layout, but I have other sites to fry first.

Anyway! Let’s get on with it, shall we? Hopper’s full of good stuff, coming at you every half hour from 9-5 Pacific, until the Internet runs out of bullshit.

Fire the Orbital Friendship Cannon

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