Comics for Heroes: Donate your Comics to Kids and Soldiers

Comics for Heroes is a relatively new charity which will take your old comics and donate them to children and soldiers.

We are a new organization dedicated to sharing the joy of reading and the appreciation of art through comics. We do this by donating comics to children’s hospitals and sending comics to the troops overseas. Once we get up and running and establish a solid foundation, we will expand into promoting reading, literacy, and artistic creativity through comic books.

We are still in our infancy and are focusing mainly on collecting donations, setting up partnerships with retailers, and getting comics to the kids and troops. We do not have non-profit status at this time due to the high costs of obtaining such status. As soon as we are in a situation where we can afford the costs, we will file the paperwork to register as a NPO and apply to the IRS for tax-exempt status.

So one eyebrow-quirk for me here is the donation of used comics to children’s hospitals. I know that children’s hospitals are not exactly opening their arms to used goods, for very obvious reasons. So I can’t rate the validity of this charity and whole-heartedly support it. However, I figured it could use your attention, and if it’s legit, then that’s awesome. I’ll try to keep an eye on this one.

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