DC New 52: Blue Beetle

I literally found out on Saturday that in the company-wide reboot, DC was bringing Jaime back. On his own.

One the one hand– ugh. I’d had enough of DC before DiDio’s blow-ups at NYCC, the hugely problematic reboots of several female characters (in particular the Bat-family rewrites to erase all the female Robins and retconning Barbara Gordon from Oracle back into Batgirl), and, to be totally frank, the hideous new costumes and in-story attitudes that screamed of mid-nineties teachers straddling chairs and putting baseball caps on backwards, because they could straight-up relate, yo! “Hip! New! Cool!!” I would mind being pandered to less if the changes made actually were hip, new, or cool, but looking for an excuse to make a crappy industry-wide situation worse is not going to fly with me.

But on the other hand– it’s Jaime Reyes. So, I checked it out.

…I should not have checked it out.

DC New 52: Blue Beetle, by Gena.

And I still can’t forget that awesome panel at SDCC 2011:

Audience Member: So, are you guys planning on having any heroes who are people of color?

DC: Well, there’s Blue Beetle.

Oh, sigh.

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