Dragon Age 2 and Straight Male Privilege: A Video

OMG it’s ten minutes, go watch it or at least listen or something. It’s a really solid discussion of what privilege is, what it looks like, and why it’s kind of lame. I know it starts with gaming but really, this is a general discussion.

Best part, around 3:20 in:

The other day I was at a bar, talking with a friend of a friend — he was really open minded, really liberal, really cool dude — straight and white, by the way — and he was saying that he started to read some Anne Rice novels, and he just quit because there were too many queer characters and he just couldn’t relate. … He was like, I have no problem with gay stuff, but I can’t really relate, so I’ll just go read something else.

And I was like, wow. What a privilege. That you can just quit reading this because there’s such a massive selection of other things that you can read. I don’t have that option.

So yeah. That’s prettymuch what privilege is. Not having to deal with things which don’t cater to you, because you’re part of the default.

For those who don’t know, btw, “cisgendered” means being gendered the same as your birth sex. So, someone who is born male, and presents male, and is treated as male.

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