Dungeons of Dredmor Gets a Female Player Character

Via rho at The Border House, an indie dungeon crawler Dungeons of Dredmor has recently added the option to chose between a male and female player character, where originally the only choice was male. rho goes on to say:

Hurrah! And what isn’t immediately obvious from the character select screen is that the female player character is done right. She isn’t just there for the male gaze, and has armour that is actually armour an not lingerie pretending to be armour, for instance.

We all remember Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor right?

rho does go on to point out, however, that the only option is to play one of two white characters, and that these options, while a step forward, are still problematic and limiting.

I find it gratifying that this is now the sort of thing that more game devs are willing to take seriously. That this sort of thing happens is indicative of the progress that we are making. It’s slow progress, for sure, but it is there.

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