Flatpack: Fix the Future! an RPG

Flatpack: Fix the Future!

Filamena Young is a freelance writer and game designer who is working on Flatpack: Fix the Future!, a RPG which frankly sounds pretty neat. From GeeksDreamGirl:

Filamena Young set out to write a game she wanted to see, and created Flatpack: Fix the Future! Mixing a post-apocalyptic setting with creative problem solving, Young’s game was written with young gamers in mind. “It’s my first attempt at a YA game. That is, something with a younger audience in mind, but with room (like a good YA novel) for adults and kids as they get more sophisticated. I have a free demo up on DriveThruRPG; it’s an adventure with basic rules in it. It’s a really uber simple system meant to be ‘hacked.’ In fact, character advancement is based on earning Achievements that tweak the rules for your character.”

Sounds pretty neat!

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