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SCALE: The Next Generation

This year’s Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) is going to run from January 20-22 (this weekend!) and they’re launching a new thing: SCALE: The Next Generation.

The goal of conference is to be as “youth driven” as possible. This event offers a unique opportunity to see & experience the inner workings of planning a conference. Youths will be able to determine the content and help steer the direction that this mini conference will take.

Great opportunity to get young people exposed to open-source and hacking — especially those who would not normally have access to such things, due to social or financial or other barriers. It’d be pretty rad if, in the future, they could maybe do something like team up with the Boys and Girls Club or some other youth outreach program, to get more kids coming and working with tech. That’d be pretty rad, I think.

(As an aside: when I say hacking, I’m not talking about black-hat-Sandra-Bullock’s-The-Net level stuff. I’m talking about the fun definition of hacking, of taking something and modifying it to make it your own. So’s we’re clear here.)

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