Hate How Women are Portrayed in Games? Help a Dev Out

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So you hate how women are portrayed in games? I’m currently designing the female characters for a 3D RPG, I’d love some help and suggestions.

The game is called Lips of Suna, it is loosely a cross between Skyrim and Minecraft, and is currently in a barely playable alpha state.

The key points about it are:

  • Steampunk manga theme
  • Contains full nudity
  • Character customization sliders allow absurd proportions

When I was first asked to work on this game I refused on the basis that it seemed quite sexist, and overly objectified women. However, now I am in a position to change anything and everything, I’m at a loss as how to make it much better within the above constraints.

Is it even possible to have a manga themed game which allows for ridiculously huge boobs and nudity, and yet isn’t sexist?

Edit: I’m adding in gender sliders, so the character can be any gender or combination thereof you so desire, I’m making gender neutral animations and all outfits will apply equally to males and females. Sound good?


2 thoughts on “Hate How Women are Portrayed in Games? Help a Dev Out

  1. konekon1nj4 says:

    Those seem like some fairly tough constraints to make a non sexist game, but when there are such wide open options for character creation I would say the story, camera angles and character actions are really what will decide the sexism or lack there of.
    What is that awesome .gif from?!?!? I both love it and am a little terrified at the same time.

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