iFanboy on Buying Comics for a Four Year Old Girl

Over at iFanboy, Jim Mroczkowski discusses the frustrations of buying comics for his four-year-old daughter:

It’s frustrating. This is yet another one of those times when I feel like I am taking someone by shoulders and saying, “I am trying to give you my money. Please, just take it,” and they’re going, “Sorry. We have nowhere to put it. Hey, does your daughter by any chance want to see Catwoman get boned?”

She does not, sirs. Not as such.

This little girl is on the hook, man. She’s not waiting for a romance comic or a manga or some diversification of the line. She doesn’t even need a new strong role model. She likes the ones you’ve got already. The pump is primed. She would love to read a Wonder Woman book, just not one where every woman who isn’t naked in the first issue is a whore that gets murdered.

I find it so ironic that a lot of people still think comics are “for kids” and yet it’s hard to find comics for kids.

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