Letter from 14-Year-Old-Girl to Lego

Fourteen-year-old Lego fan Ann Garth writes letters. Like a boss.

I don’t have that much of a problem with you painting your new Legos pink. Lots of girls like pink, and while that fact is an inditement of our popular culture in itself, it’s not your fault. In addition, adding pink might encourage some girls to try Legos. My problem is with the theme of the collection, and the ideas it enshrines. You are telling girls that they can do, or should do, nothing more than sit and prink. You are telling girls that the boys get to have all the fun, while they have to stay home and be bored. You are saying that all girls care about is makeup and how they look, when in reality there is so much more.

One thought on “Letter from 14-Year-Old-Girl to Lego

  1. David Hill says:

    If I was making robots, I would not be bored. Robots are awesome.

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