Marvel Drunk Cover Solicits

Marvel Drunk Cover Solicits which I hadn’t heard of before, but had me rolling. While some of the commentary was simply mocking the cover (Wolverine as Sad Keanu, for instance) some was quite sharp.

SUPERCROOKS 1. Okay… time for a lesson comics. Can you see what’s wrong with this from a female point of view? No? Okay, let me help you out.

You’ve got seven fairly interesting male characters. They seem to have a lot of personality and be of a variety of shapes and sizes. And then you’ve got one female character. And for that female character you’ve decided to make her a stone cold fox in leather pants with giant boobs in a revealing halter top. Do I need to continue? I do? Okay. So your seven male characters are all (despite all being quite different) covered – LITERALLY – from head to toe. Yet your one female character is VERY liberal with the skin. More liberal certainly than the average chick you’d see walking down the street. Do you still need help? Yeah? Okay. SO CONTEXT IS KING MAN. That character you have there… she works a lot better if you have another female character that doesn’t look borderline slutty. If you’re only going to have one token female character then you just straight up need to be more careful in how you design her. Otherwise you end up with a cover like this that is… I’m sorry to say, full of fail. As a woman I’d never pick this up, because I can tell before reading a single word, what you think about women and how you value them… and I straight up don’t agree. You’re loudly broadcasting to me that there is nothing for me here. Too bad cause I like comics, and I like books about villains… or crooks… or whatever.

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