Repost: A Handy Guide for When Something is Sexist, and Epic Takedown

This is a re-post from the tumblr, which I have expanded because this question keeps coming up. It came up again today, in response to the previous post responding with thumbs-up to an open letter to the art department at WotC.

So there’s an easy reduction people often make when it comes to art and representations of the human figure, that lack of clothing automatically equals sexy. It’s a simplistic view of art and society, and it simply isn’t true. Just like boob doesn’t automatically mean sexy (Dave Dorman’s recent kerfuffle over breastfeeding, anyone?), lack of clothes doesn’t automatically mean sexy. Nothing in our society occurs without context.

Hence, the re-post.

Read the post. Roll your eyes a little. Then read the first comment.

Am I actually advising you to read comments on Kotaku? Yes. Yes I am. Just the first one, though. Anything after that, and the resulting ragebending is on your own head.

ETA: BorderHouse does a longer takedown.

Basically if you go read the BorderHouse blog comment on it… well. I still have nothing to add. They prettymuch nailed it.

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