Satchamobob vs Duke Nukem Apologist on Reddit

Over at Reddit, Satchamobob takes down a Duke Nukem Apologist in pretty fantastic manner. An excerpt:

So in one level we have:

  • More objectification of women than anywhere else in the game (save for the strip club level which comes directly after the hive)
  • Women being raped with audio cues to suggest they might be enjoying it on some level.
  • Players being encouraged to kill women under fear of being overrun by alien spawn.
  • Wall Boobs and doors that look like assholes.

This is what makes the hive level so uncomfortable. Just everything you’re expected to do in this level is so disturbing and just plain creepy. Possibly even predatory.

Full disclosure that this guy is my friend, and 4srs, I’m stoked to have him as a friend.

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