Textbook Victim Blaming in WoW Community

A guest post by Apple Cider Mage over at Borderhouse details a classic example of victim-blaming behaviour, where women who wear revealing clothing are apparently whores and get whatever’s coming amirite fellas *high five*.

But seriously folks. This kind of shit is bullshit. And I appreciate that Apple Cider Mage really brings it home with a personal experience:

I was stalked and harassed via World of Warcraft by someone in my friend circle. You might even say that we had a slightly friendlier-than-friends relationship. I dance around this because even though I have a restraining order against this person now, since he’s been harassing me via blogs, Twitter, and WoW for well over 3 years, I still know that there’s many people who will read this and say, “Well, didn’t you do XYZ with him? That’s why he’s doing this to you.” See? Why is the person who is sending me rape threats on a daily basis less culpable of harassment than me, the person who gets to put up with this abuse daily? See how illogical it is? Or did it not even occur prior to someone you know saying something like this for you to see that?

Just because you’re holding a wad of money in your hand does not mean you are asking for it to be stolen. But for some reason, when the crime is sexual, and the victim is a woman, blame never falls to the man.

Here’s a handy little ad that sums this bullshit up:

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    Thank you so much for liking the blog post. It is something I'm exceptionally passionate about discussing. :)

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