That’s a Shame, Because I Liked Soul Calibur

I played way too much Soul Calibur and Soul Calibur 2. I mean, way too much. SC3 didn’t grab me like I wanted it to, alas, and I wound up giving SC4 a total miss. And I’ll likely be doing the same to SC5, because apparently, I’m not the target demographic. At least, that’s what this ad from Namco Bandai is telling me.

Soul Calibur 5 Ad... Apparently

And bonus, from the ESRB rating:

Some female fighters wear outfits that reveal large amounts of jiggling cleavage and portions of their buttocks; on the character creation menu, players can augment fighters’ breast sizes and manipulate the camera to zoom in on their bodies.

Gaming Culture, Everybody!

ETA: An omgwtfbbqlol from M. H. Williams in comments:

3 thoughts on “That’s a Shame, Because I Liked Soul Calibur

  1. Apple JuiceBox says:

    Hey, I came across this while researching for my project :) Maybe you'd be interested in my redesigns? It's basically tailoring Soul Calibur to a female demographic:

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