The Arkh Project: An RPG for Queer PoC

From the Chip-In page:

With Rosegold’s help, some queer people of color from tumblr are trying to get up the funding to make a 3-D RPG of quality for queer people and people of color, with a focus on the intersectionality of both identities.

Other major video game creators make very small allowances for these but they are not enough. PoC are still heavily muted, and queer people still end up with easily ignored stories, or at the butt of jokes.

And people who are queer and PoC? Damn near unheard of.

So let’s stop all that! Let’s pool together and get a great team of PoC and queer modelers and artists and make a game just for us!

You can track the development of Arkh on their design tumblr where they talk about character, story, and gameplay.

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