TheMarySue and How Games are Changing in 2012

Mass Effect 3: Shep and Garrus

Okay so a thing I didn’t know about Mass Effect 3:

The change in ME3 that I’m super stoked about is one that will have no bearing on my game whatsoever. No, I’m not talking about the Collector’s Edition tin, which will finally picture both male and female versions of Shepard. I’m talking about the fact that, at long last, BroShep and Garrus will be able to declare their unrequited love for one another.


This is an honest-to-god fucking finally you fetishistic fucks only allowing same-sex relationships if it’s girl-on-girl because no one else plays games except dudes and wouldn’t want to make them uncomfortable amirite WOO. This is what has pissed me off about so many games and what has kept me from the ME franchise. When I heard the only “same sex” relationship in the original ME was F/F and one F was an alien (although she wasn’t technically female because despite presenting as female her species is monogendered, apparently — which I guess is as fine a difference as my saying I’m not technically kicking your fucking ass because I’m just punching you a lot).

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