Too Many Strong Women In Video Games!!!1!!eleventyone!!

Goddamn, Men’s Rights Activists never stop being funny.

The setup:

… one I have been playing recently is Shogun 2 total war. Now for those who don’t know what this game is, it is a strategy game based on the military of feudal Japan. I recently bought an upgrade for the game the other day and guess what one of the strongest military units was? Nuns. I shit you not. The nuns had an attack 20% -40% higher than most units in the game. Somehow I doubt that in real life a nun would have swung a sword or used a spear faster and harder than a feudal warlord, and this game was based on history.

And the stunningly incisive interpretation of data:

I think I have the right to ask steam and other gaming companes: WTF with the subliminal brainwashing? What now when I buy or play a game women will be doing all the ass kicking?

That’s true. I can’t walk into any GameStop without tripping over strong female characters who kick so much ass and are universally better than their male counterparts, if any are permitted to be present. It truly is a brave new world we inhabit now, ladies, amirite?

And the worst part? This has been going on forever:

This is nothing new. I got heavy into gaming back in the late 90′s and even back then they had Tomb Raider, S.I.N., etc. Even in the original Unreal, you played as a big-breasted female.

I saw a documentary on the making of the original Tomb Raider once. The lead character, Lara Croft, was originally going to be a man. They saw him as an Indiana Jones-type character. Then, one of the designers suggested it be a woman because “if you’re going to be playing a game for hours, you might as well have something good to look at”.

I … just… this is their example of strong women opressing men in video games?



Men’s Rights Activists, everybody!

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