U.S. Government Announces TechGirls Exchange Program for Teens in the Middle East

(via TheMarySue) In 2011 Hillary Clinton announced an exchange program for women tech leaders in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and the US, and after a successful first run, a new program has been started for young tech-savvy women aged 15-17.

The TechGirls Exchange Program, which will take place in the summer of 2012, will bring 25 girls from the MENA region to the US for three to five weeks. A similar program has also been announced for Jerusalem.

This is pretty awesome. While the original program sounds more like a true exchange, this sounds simply like bringing young women from the MENA region to the United States. I certainly hope it’s a true exchange, because there are a lot of benefits to spending time abroad, but like I said, that’s unclear to me at this time.

But, yeah. Neat!

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