Video Game Scholarships for Women

Via Gamasutra, Vancouver Film School is offering a “Women in Games” scholarship, and apparently has been for the past four years.

The scholarship is designed to encourage more women to enter the male-dominated video game industry. Males currently command around 89 percent of the video game workforce in the United States, according to the volunteer respondents from our own Salary Survey last year.

Previous recipients of the scholarship (valued at $49,250) include designers who’ve gone on to work at developers like Microsoft’s BigPark studio (Kinect Joy Ride) and Digido Interactive (MotionMaze). Graduates of the program have worked on titles such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Dead Rising 2, Prototype 2, and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

“Supporting the growth of women in games is something that I feel strongly about,” says Vancouver Film School’s Game Design head Dave Warfield. “It benefits the industry to gain new perspectives, creativity, and passion that is reflective of how gaming has changed and expanded in the past 5 years.”

More information is available at the VFS website.

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