Woman Banned from ‘Guys Only’ Home Brew Competition

Rachel Beer

The Lake Hayes Show which features a home-brewed beer competition, has banned Queenstown woman from competing because she’s a woman.

Rachel Beer told Queenstown’s Mountain Scene newspaper that she found out the Lake Hayes A&P Show beer brewing contest was “blokes only” when she tried to enter her tipple, ‘Beer’s Beer’.

The chief steward advised Ms Beer that while she could enter the competition, her beer wouldn’t be judged, which she says means there’s “no point entering”.

“Who cares if I have or haven’t got balls… at the end of the day a home brew is a home brew,” she says.

First of all, can I take a moment to love on the fact that her surname is Beer and she brews her own beer? Thanks. I mean, wow, that’s so awesome.

Now, my favorite part of the article:

Show president Mike Smith says he “didn’t even know there was a brewing competition” and doesn’t want to comment on whether the rule is sexist.

Don’t want to take a stand and claim that something that excludes women for no other reason than the fact they are woman is sexist or not? That’s cool, I got that shit for you, right here:

It’s sexist.

Cool, glad we could straighten that out.

(As always, avoid the comments, for they are a plague.)

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