Women are More Likely to Buy Tech than Men

Not sure how I feel about this.

Women expressed more interest in tablets (18%), laptops (20%) and smartphones (20%). Only 15% of men planned to buy a tablet, while 14% sought a laptop and 17% intended to buy a smartphone. The only category in which men surpassed female interest was flat screen LCD TVs, with men (19%) favoring the sets over women (17%).

Some interpretations taken from this (Women like to communicate! Obviously they buy communication stuffs!) are really fucking stupid. Because what if it turned out the other way, and men dominated the tablet/laptop/smartphone market? Well obviously duh because men like gadgets and tech! Please.

I’d like to take a positive spin on this and think this might cause advertisers to shift how they advertise tech. Which, it might. But I dread to think what the takeaway will be for them.

Overall I guess I’m meh. I only own an iPad because I was given one. I was holding out for a better tablet. I’m looking at ultrathin laptops (CES has me going all *.* except then I remember it’s kind of a vaporware show when it comes to shit I like), and I’m the one who drove to have a server and a couchputer in the house (what they’re calling “smart TVs” now, I think, which I’ve had one for years, and I will forever call it a couchputer). I’m all about tools making my life easier, and therefore this study doesn’t surprise me. I just worry people will interpret it in stupid ways that will only serve to give me a headache.

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