Many Links for a Monday

I don’t have the ability to write up about things intelligently at the moment. Or the time, really. So I’m going to give a linkdump of interesting links that I want to share. This isn’t everything I want to share, some stuff I want to expand upon. But it’s a list.

[STEM] Feministing: What’s the deal with Facebook’s new ‘Women Connect’ campaign?

[Gaming] TheMarySue: Stay Sharp at Age 100 by Playing DS, Like this Woman

[Comics] DCWKA: Former DC Comics editor Janelle Asselin on Women, Comics and Marketing

[Comics] TheMarySue: The Watchmen Prequels: Allow Us to Explain

[General] Lament of the Delicious Librarian, one woman’s experience with being constantly mistaken for a booth babe, despite being a representative of her company.

[General] The Felicia Day Moment, discussing that turnover moment of realizing the importance of language, especially the casual and dismissive use of language which normalizes violence against women.

[Books/General] Requires Hate: Data of Interest, and the realization that it’s totes okay to bag on women for their fail, but neckbeards get pissy if you bag on men for their fail.

[STEM/General] Geek Feminism: I Was Crippled by Impostor Syndrome

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