This is Why No One Likes You: Geek Rage on Reddit

So some broface neckbeard decided he hates girls who are geeky — especially girls who are recently geeky — because apparently girls can’t be real geeks and blah blah blah. Thankfully, he got pretty promptly torn down, and one of the teardowns is particularly epic.

Folks, please. Can we stop drawing lines in the sand about what a “real” geek is? The only thing I give a shit about is how passionate you are about your geekery. I’m more recent in my comic book geekery than in other branches of my geekery. Does that make me less-legit? It shouldn’t. There should be no question about a person’s geekery except to the extent that they love their genre. Let’s get over these persecution complexes and go have some fun already.

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