Many Links for a Friday

Hooray for linkspam! Stuff you should see!


It’s Not Okay — Sexism isn’t okay, and we got a dude here to tell us this. As much as it irritates me that many men won’t listen until a man tells them it isn’t okay (did I rant about WFC 2011 yet?) I’m glad there are men willing to do this, very publicly. Thanks, guys!

Women in Gaming: Next Island’s Meg Stivison (Interview)

Why We Need Immoral Women — Basically the Madonna/Whore thing is kind of stupid and it would be nice for there to be more women who are still awesome despite their flaws (regardless of if those flaws are honest or are simply traits perceived as flaws a result of dumb social constructs).

Gaming as Women — A blog about, well, gaming as women. Specifically the non-video-game type of gaming.

Also, these slides happened in a panel at GDC about why initiatives to “get women in game design/programming” kind of miss the point. Which they do. I am a woman engineer who wanted to go into gaming and was really passionate about it — until I started hearing horror story after horror story about what the environment was like. You want minorities involved in gaming? When they complain about bullshit, stop telling them they’re “hypersensitive.”


Support the Good — Taking a moment to focus on things done right.

An Open Letter to DC Comics, from Lois Lane — Avoid the comments, IMO.


Doctor Her — A blog analyzing Doctor Who from a feminist perspective.

Strong Female Characters — Basically “strength” too often means “masculine” when it really shouldn’t. There are many ways to be strong.

Emily Blunt on Superhero Films and Female Roles — “Usually the female parts in a superhero film feel thankless. She’s the pill girlfriend while the guys are whizzing around saving the world.”

Jane Espenson on Women TV Writers


How to Talk to Little Girls — Maybe a little less “look how cute you are!” and a little more “what are you like as a person”

Internet Harassment and You: A Guide

The Wolves, the Pig, and the Retarded Bunny — A simple story you can link to people who do not understand what ableist language is and why it sucks.

A Subject for Debate: Are Women People — I normally try to avoid straying from the geekosphere, but well, we’ve come to this.

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