Many Links for a Friday

I’m so incredibly behind on everything, guys, you have no idea, I mean yikes. So here are the links that are currently sitting in my “shit to share” pile, which I wanted to talk more about, but I don’t have the time.

(If you’re curious: We’re nearing a deadline at work, so I don’t have time there to go over TeamV stuff, and now I have a literary agent so I’m going to sink most of my spare time into revising my novel so it can go out on submission and that’s on top of my teaching gig and master’s school. So, erm, yeah. That.)

Anyway, brace yourself, big backlog…

[comics] This Moment for Women in Comics — The moments in comics where writers and artists get it right about female characters.

[general] Body Bag Blondes: Why I Break Up with Stories — Seanan McGuire talks about the moment where a story, despite its other faults, finally crosses that line and makes her walk away.

[comics] Superheroines Talk About Superheroes The Way Male Readers Talk About Them — What’s important about male and female characters in comics, and what order those things are important in. (Spoilers: Women are sexy and then maybe also have a story, men have a story and then maybe also are sexy.)

[gaming] The “Hey Sweetheart” Scenario: Deconstructing How Roleplaying Games Talk to Women — Why do we keep saying the same storyline of “dude is sexist, you know this because he calls your female character sweetheart, but it’s cool, he gets his comeuppance”? Why do people have to keep insisting that women are incapable, forcing women to show them otherwise? (The thing I wanted to write about this was simply to say: This is crap because it constantly shows that women have to fight against these stereotypes, that they can’t just be good, but they have to be better, and really, why can’t women be just as good as men and recognized as such? And please to replace “women” with any other marginalized group, because the point stands across the board.)

[gaming] Evolution Made Me Do It: Art and Gender in League of Legends

[books] Gay Romance Not Ok in this Contest — So this went on for a little while, and here’s the basic tl;dr: a chapter of the RWA has a contest, and they said all forms of romance are cool, except when it’s two dudes or two ladies kissing, because ew, and as it turns out, last year’s winner was two dudes kissing, so we can’t have that anymore, can we; Internet got mad; said chapter of the RWA took their ball and went home, cancelling the contest in a massive case of the butthurt.

[conventions] Positive Discrimination — Apparently demanding gender parity on panels at conventions is discrimination. Because, you know, entitled neckbeards?

[comics/tv and film] Comics Alliance Reviews Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men — We all caught this kerfuffle, right? Where SteveDave basically flipped his fucking lid and proved everything everybody has said about this show to be absolutely correct? Ok, cool, just checking.

[comics] Art and Superheroines: When Over-Sexualization Kills the Story

[tv and film] Hollywood Sexism Watch: Gender Disparities in Actor Salaries — I would also like to see salaries analyzed in terms of racial disparities as well, and how those two intersect.

[tv and film] To Certain Bronies — Welcome, white males aged 18-26, to the horrifying reality of not being considered the target demographic for something you enjoy. Don’t worry, though! Women, people of color, quiltbag folk, and the disabled have been here awhile, so we’ve got a pretty sweet camp set up.

[tv and film] Academy Award Voter Statistics — Why does it seem like mostly old white-dude movies are nominated for Academy Awards? Because apparently the voting body is mostly old white dudes!

[stem] Programmers Being Dicks (tumblr)

[tv and film] Big Bang Theory — Guess what! Jim Hines hates this show for the same reasons I do! Except unlike me, he can stomach an entire episode, even multiple episodes.

[gaming] What Is Unacceptable About That? — Continuing on from yesterday’s discussion of the FGC bullshit, another cry for all geek communities to just grow the fuck up already.

Whew! My backlog there is clear!

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