Racist Hunger Games Fans Outraged That Black Character is Black

So on Monday, the Jezebel pointed out the Hunger Games Tweets tumblr which is a sad display of humanity and may make you feel new levels of rage. See the “problem” these fans tweet about in regards to the Hunger Games is that Rue is played by a black girl in the movie. Now for those of you who haven’t read the books, Rue is a young black girl as described by Suzanne Collins.

The problem here isn’t really the reading comprehension of a pile of racists (Racists don’t pay attention? WHO KNEW?) it’s that these racists lose empathy for the death of a character because they learned she was black. There are people who will openly and publicly admit that they don’t care as much about a black character. This is disgusting.

I want to thank Hunger Games Tweets for letting everyone get a look at the horrible people out there. Many of these racists have shut down their accounts or gone to private. This is one of those times I wish the internet had struck back and made a mess of things for these people. Shame isn’t enough.

Things like this Tom, The Dancing Bug comic show where we are in modern racism. We’re not anywhere near done with racism, you know who says racism is over? Racists. We have all sorts of horrible race related issues going on and people still find ways of adding them into forms of entertainment. This is where we are with racism, have a surplus that we can add it to anything.

So for all of you out there who can feel sad when a child dies, whether fictional or real, regardless of color or nationality, congratulations you have passed at least one test of proving you aren’t a racist. Fun Fact: While watching the Hunger Games film, I realized the teen audience IS the Capitol and they will likely never realize it, and that was the saddest moment of all.


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