she++ – Upcoming Conference for Women in Technology at Stanford

she++, a Conference for Women in Technology, to be held at Stanford on April 21.

Look, I’m going to ignore the stupid web site (pink and purple and a high heel, great job everyone) and I’m just going to focus on their stated goals:

  1. Highlight the opportunities and role models available to aspiring women in technology
  2. Brainstorm the barriers separating women from technology and catalysts to overcome them
  3. Facillitate a collaborative, focused forum that produces concrete goals and actions

That could be pretty cool. Of course I can’t go (it’s local! but I’ll be out of town) but I hope perhaps one of you can. Registration is limited, so if you want to go you should sign up soon!

One thought on “she++ – Upcoming Conference for Women in Technology at Stanford

  1. mobile dvrs says:

    Its my bad luck that I've just come to know about that conference for women in technology at Standford. If I was know it though must try to attend there. Anyway, please let me know what and what points was out from that conference. Thanks dude.

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