It’s not a Team V Podcast, but it’s like its sibling.

This is Doc of Team V, who has been reminded by Carrie that if I have a podcast that’s doing similar discussion as to what we have here, why don’t I promote it here? In fact, Carrie is in an episode (and hopefully more!) so you should check out Associated Geekery. It’s myself, always with Ryan, sometimes Mac, occasionally Ben, and many others (hopefully) talking about a week of nerd news. We tend to find the articles that make us mad so we can vent them out on the podcast with what’s wrong. So if you want a group of people or as Ben put it once “3 white people and a white sympathizer” listen to us!

We’re up to episode 6 and they are about an hour long each so it’s not that much to catch up with, I’ll start posting them up here so you can catch them. We’re also available on iTunes.


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