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TeamV Going Dark for SOPA Blackout

This was something I wasn’t sure about doing, to be honest. Part of me feels like the protest against SOPA is that you can’t stop the signal, and a blackout is doing just that. I didn’t understand. Then I came to realize exactly how many people had no goddamn clue SOPA/PIPA were even a thing, let alone what they meant. Perhaps I’m preaching to the choir here, but perhaps not.

So, here’s the deal. SOPA and PIPA are stupid. If you are an American citizen with the capability to vote and you don’t understand this shit watch this video.

You may be up on the info and know what SOPA/PIPA are. You may also know they’ve been “crippled” or “tabled.” Crippled? No. Tabled? Maybe. But that doesn’t mean this exact same language won’t come back again and again and again.

So contact your congresspersons. Let them know that if they support this bullshit now or in the future, they will lose your vote. Maybe they don’t give a shit about the protests, about BoingBoing and Google going dark, but they surely will care if they lose their voter base. Hit ’em in the only way they understand.

(Aside: I’m very sorry to any international readers who’ve had their Internet effectively hijacked today by this Stop-SOPA campaign. I wish this wasn’t a reality, so we could all enjoy free discussion uninterrupted. Thank you for your patience.)

Child Calls BS on Toy Marketing

This little girl is prettymuch the best thing ever. And the dad makes me happy too.

Riley: Why do all the girls have to buy pink stuff and all the boys have different colored stuff?

Dad: Good question.